A Few More Words: The Amtrak Roomette

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Perfect for 1 person

Perfect for 2 people who really like each other; less perfect if you don’t

You need to be cool sharing a bathroom with strangers

I’m so sorry I didn’t take more pictures of the Roomette but, honestly I didn’t spend much time in there. It was my bedroom at night. The best view and all of the action happens in the Sightseer Lounge Car during the day.

At night a bed folds down from the ceiling and the seats flip flat to create a bunk bed situation. If you are traveling with a companion you will be using both the upper and lower berths. Once the beds are in place; there’s no room to walk around. You are tucked in for the night. Traveling alone, I used the upper berth. It took a little “ballet” to get up there when the train was moving but, it was worth it to gain lower level space. I used the lower area as a sitting area when I decided to get up in the middle of the night to look out of the window and read. It was kind of a makeshift loft .

I think the biggest hurdle for some would be the shared bathroom situation. On my level there were 3 bathrooms (a bit bigger than airplane bathrooms) and a shower/dressing room combination. I never experienced a wait to use the facilities but, believe me you don’t know slapstick comedy until you’ve showered aboard a moving train; big laughs.

Finally, the Amtrak website has pictures of the different accommodations available on the Superliner. The dimensions of the roomette are noted as 3’6” X 6’6”. It is a small space but, it’s bigger than what you would get in coach or first class on an airplane.

There are larger accommodations available for more money but, my thought is, the roomette can be a mansion if you have the right attitude and an entire train car can be a coffin if your attitude is poor.




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One Response to A Few More Words: The Amtrak Roomette

  1. Susanne says:

    Thanks — your view is much better than the computer one on Amtrak. I really am enjoying this trip! Thank you.

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