A Girls’ Got to eat Post: Making a Case for Gorging Yourself This Thanksgiving

Hi F&F,

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I haven’t done A Girls’ Got to eat Post in a very long time. The Thanksgiving holiday seemed the perfect time to put one up. This holiday I am encouraging gluttony. I want you to gorge yourself on gratitude.

For many of us, the holidays can feel more like a pity party than a celebration. The kind of piggishness I’m suggesting can do a lot to turn those feelings around. The kind of voraciousness that I’m suggesting leads to victory.  So shovel it in; dish it out; slurp it up or scoff it down; just feast on the beliefs, or activities or people or pets that bring you joy.

If you need more convincing; here is a quick list of why your Thanksgiving table should be groaning with platters of gratitude; and why you should take delight in overindulging.

  • There is always enough to go around; whether it’s a table for one or for one hundred.
  • None of your guests will be allergic or adverse to it.
  • No animals will be harmed in order for you to partake.
  • Your spirit will expand and not you waistline.
  • It will leave you feeling energized; not sleepy.
  • There is no chance of heartburn; only lightheartedness.
  • There’s no cleanup afterwards.
  • It won’t interfere with football watching.
  • There’s no chance of chocking on it.
  • The recipe is foolproof.
  • You won’t gross anyone out when you talk with a mouth full of words of gratitude.




About atreegrowsinbklyn

I’m an analog girl living in a digital world. I’m happy except when I’m sad. I’m serious, smart and sophisticated except when I’m silly, obtuse and crude. I’m ambitious and disciplined; except when I’m apathetic and self indulgent. I‘m thoughtful, generous and honest; except when I’m insensitive, cheap and lying. I’m grateful; I’m grateful; I am grateful.
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12 Responses to A Girls’ Got to eat Post: Making a Case for Gorging Yourself This Thanksgiving

  1. OK. I’m convinced! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  2. Touch2Touch says:

    Super post!
    You’re on to something, Tree,
    and it’s a big deal something!
    Thank you for your blog — it’s always a treat.

  3. OK! I adore this post and you for posting it!

  4. What a great post! I love the idea of “gorging” on gratitude. If you’ve been following our self-care challenge, you know we’ve been all over that. I’m looking for a guest blogger to post about the holidays and non-material ways to celebrate like fun, spreading joy, etc. Would you be interested? Let me know.

    • Hi livingselfcare,

      Thanks for your words of support and thank you for your invitation. I am very interested in being a guest on your lovely site and would like to learn more. I will also send a response to you via the e-mail address noted with your comments.


  5. eof737 says:

    Excellent and wishing you same… Hope you enjoyed each spoonful l with gusto! 🙂

  6. NYcowgirl says:

    Nature is awesome! Sorry, I know you are tired of hearing this word A but it fits.

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