Leisure for Less: You can Check out More Than Books at Your Local Library

Hi F&F,

I place reading high on my list of leisure time activities. Reading educates, entertains, and energizes me; so it’s no wonder that libraries are some of my favorite places to hang out; but I do a lot more than read when I go to the library.

Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

If you have not visited your local library recently; you should. You will be surprised. You will discover that the hush associated with the institution has been replaced by the hum of activity. Modern public libraries still function as a resource for knowledge, but they have also become hubs of culture and community engagement. Public libraries are more than just their stacks. A library is more than a reading room.   Today’s library often acts as an art gallery, concert hall, movie theater, forum for the performing arts and so much more.

New York City is served by 3 public library systems – The New York Public Library, The Queens Public Library and The Brooklyn Public Library. (Click on each to visit their websites). These libraries offer a broad range of programs and events for free or for a nominal fee.  I made a quick survey of the public events lined up for the month of December (my social calendar is filling up fast). Here is a sampling of what is going on across the local library systems:

It’s a very impressive list that reflects the interests of the diverse communities they serve.  You may think that the offerings are to be expected in a big city library system. After all, New York City is known as a center for arts and culture; but I assure this type of programing is available across the nation. Here is a snapshot of what I found across the country with just a quick Google search:

  • Fort Worth Texas Central Library – An Exhibition of Fine Art Photography
  • Clearwater Florida Beach Library – Cooking Class with Rita Fabula, French-Trained Chef
  • Dearborn Michigan Public Library – Bellini Opera Theatre will present “A Classical Spirit of Christmas” concert
  • North Carolina Charlotte Mecklenburg Library – Musical Petting Zoo, presented by the Symphony Guild of Charlotte, brings real instruments to children to try out.
  • Evansville (Indiana) Vanderburgh Public Library – From Book to Film: Peyton Place; a film screening and a discussion of the book and the author’s biography.
  • Central Arkansas Library System – New Year’s Eve Party; a celebration of the coming year with karaoke, crafts, games, and LOTS of fun!
  • Oregon Public Library – OPL Puppet Theater; a puppet play along with short stories, songs, and activities.

Again, impressive in its diversity and noteworthy because it’s all free.

I encourage you to check out more than a book; the next time you visit the library.

Finally, please remember free should not mean forgotten.  Everyone can afford to say thank you to the institutions that bringing art and culture to the public; spread the word to others; join the organization’s e-mail/mailing list and do mak a monetary contribution whenever possible.




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14 Responses to Leisure for Less: You can Check out More Than Books at Your Local Library

  1. NYCowgirl1947 says:

    A picture of my home, that is my home away from home.

    Just a reminder that you can enjoy this free resource from your home as you can download (temporary download) books to your home computer. Additionally, members of NYPL can download (permanent download) up to 3 free pieces of music per week.


  2. Touch2Touch says:

    Great minds???
    I’ve just been paying tribute (in two parts) to our local library here in our smallish town, and it too is a marvel:

    A great institution, the public library!

  3. I love the library. I’ve now discovered that I can check out ebooks from my public library even though I’m living overseas. What an awesome resource! GO LIBRARY!

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  5. Northern Narratives says:

    Libraries are great!

  6. I Love the Library!!! It is a very special place for me. (psst. Your links to the different libraries dont work 😦 )

    • I’m so pleased you stopped by the blog and glad to discover that we share and an appreciation for all that public libraries offer. (psst. I only provided links to the 6 NY area events. The links are highlighted in another color and underlined to distinguish them from ordinary text :-). The NY links seem to be working on my end.

  7. ElizOF says:

    Libraries are magical places; you never know what you’d find. Great photo/painting. 🙂

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