The Girl With the Dragon Fruit – A Girls’ got to eat Post

Hi F&F,

It’s been a long while since I submitted a Girls’ Got to Eat Post (GGEP). I have not been fasting. I promise you; I’m still smacking my lips and snapping “pics” of memorable meals and munchies.

For this post I perused the produce aisle of the local Asian Market. Shopping in the market is always an adventure.  I like that it feels as if you need to have your passport stamped when you cross the threshold into the store.  I get caught up in the buzz of the place; add to it that I am naturally curious and an adventurous eater – I’m hooked.

Whenever I go to the market to pick up a few items on my list; I inevitably give in to a little impulse buying. A recent discovery for me was the Dragon Fruit. It is also known as the Sweet Pitayas; and let me tell you, I am sweet on it.   It was love at first sight.  It is an exotic beauty. It is red/fuchsia skinned with large scales tipped in bright green (I’m on the lookout for the yellow-skinned variety). The beauty isn’t just skin deep with this fruit.  When you cut into it you meet the inner beauty that can be surprising. It’s surprising because the flesh can be either white or bright fuchsia. Both colors have tiny edible seeds; similar to a kiwi.

A Bushel of Dragon Fruit

A Bushel of Dragon Fruit

When I first came across the fruit, I immediately tried to find it in my, dog-eared, copy of the Field Guide to Produce by Aliza Green (a great companion when shopping at the farmers market).  The Dragon Fruit is not in the guide.   I turned to the Internet to learn its origins and learn how to select and prepare the fruit. There were many articles and even a few videos on the subject; including an oddly funny demonstration on peeling the fruit; set to sexy jazz music (a fruit striptease?!?). I also found some mouth-watering cocktail recipes using Dragon Fruit infused vodka by Skyy Vodka .

Most of the articles described the flavor and texture of the Dragon Fruit as being an intermingling of kiwi, pear and watermelon. I agree with that description.  It is refreshing with a mildly sweet flavor. It’s delicious on its own and would add a new flavor note and plenty of eye appeal to a fruit salad; perhaps with a drizzle of rum for zip.

The intense color of the Dragon Fruit belies the mild flavor

The intense color of the Dragon Fruit belies the mild flavor

If the Dragon Fruit is new to you; I hope you will give it a try. If you are already familiar with this fruit, please share your recipes.  Sharing is caring!!



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13 Responses to The Girl With the Dragon Fruit – A Girls’ got to eat Post

  1. Great post!!! I have a pitaya cactus growing in a big container on the back patio: so far no flowers or fruit in evidence, but I keep hoping! .

    • The Dragon fruit looks like it is from outer space. I’m really fascinated to hear that it may be possible to grow it in a pot on a patio; right here on planet Earth! 🙂 I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you will experience an abundant harvest. I hope you will share your success on your blog.

  2. Touch2Touch says:

    You weren’t kidding! Weird fruit, weird striptease, weird video.
    But — I’ve never seen anything like it! You are an adventurous eater all right —
    If I ever see one in the market up here, maybe I’ll take a chance too. 😉

    • “Told ya”! – that video is a hoot! I had to share it.
      I was stopped in my tracks when I first saw Dragon fruit in the market. Recently, I discovered I purchased an example of the white fleshed fruit. It was a complete surprise. To my untrained eye the fruit looked exactly the same on the outside as the fuchsia fleshed fruit. I added it to a fruit salad. It was a nice mild contrast to the tangy oranges and pink grapefruits used in the salad.

  3. eof737 says:

    Lovely, lovely fruit… It reminds a bit of guava…. not in taste but in exotica. TY! 🙂

    • I love that word-exotica. I don’t think I’ve ever had the occasion to use it in a sentence. I’ll keep exploring the Asian market and perhaps I will make another, post worthy, discovery and have a reason to use the word.

  4. Northern Narratives says:

    I have seen this on a TV food show but never eaten it myself.

    • I hope you get a chance to try it. Along with its strong visual impact, the fruit is pact with nutrients. I learned that it is a good source of Vitamin C, and is rich in calcium and high in fiber.

  5. Stef says:

    I found my way to this post compliments of Judith at Touch2Touch from a post on my blog (; I love that you shared your new experience with us. Dragon fruit looks pretty wild – and quite pretty. 🙂

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  7. Momtaz Garden says:

    I visit your full website properly. I know about the importance of health. Thank you for giving your good information.
    How to cultivate dragon fruits

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