Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

Hi F&F,

Eating lobster is an indulgence I came to late in life.  I found the crustaceans creepy. I found the cost prohibitive and I found cracking the claws intimidating.  That all changed after taking a road trip with some girlfriends that included shopping the outlet malls from NYC to Rode Island.  The highlight of the journey was a dinner at the Nordic Lodge.  The Nordic Lodge is an all you can eat lobster buffet restaurant located in Charlestown, Rhode Island. People come from all over to indulge in a feast.

My first bite of lobster was the basic boiled version.  My first taste of a delectable morsel dunked in drawn butter sent me into a (lobster) tail spin.  I don’t indulge in this gift from the sea very often (which is probably why I have so many pictures of those memorable meals). For this weeks photo challenge I’m sharing a few photos of the lobsters I have loved.

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I’m an analog girl living in a digital world. I’m happy except when I’m sad. I’m serious, smart and sophisticated except when I’m silly, obtuse and crude. I’m ambitious and disciplined; except when I’m apathetic and self indulgent. I‘m thoughtful, generous and honest; except when I’m insensitive, cheap and lying. I’m grateful; I’m grateful; I am grateful.
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10 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

  1. can i have some of that lobster macaroni and cheese, please??? That shizzy looks GOOD!!!

    • I enjoyed the very delicious and decadent dish in the San Francisco International Airport. Cat Cora, from Iron Chefs America, just opened her restaurant, Cat Cora’s Kitchen, the day before my departure from terminal 2. I felt it was a good way to celebrate the completion of my cross country rail trip and avoid overpriced and under tasty airplane food. Also, the entire trip was filled with serendipitous moments and good luck. Finding the restaurant was one of them because earlier in the trip I met Chef Cora at a cooking demonstration in Chicago.

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  3. My husband introduced me to Lobster Rolls and I LOVE them! Your photo of it reminded me that we have not indulged in quite some time…. 🙂

    • Hi multicraftster,

      Thanks for visiting the blog and leaving a comment. I’m glad that I could reawaken your taste for lobster rolls. I think of them as a savory summertime treat. I was once told that lobster is at its best during the months without an “r” in the spelling – May, June, July, August. I don’t know if it’s true; and honestly I will not miss an opportunity to indulge based on the calandar. 🙂


  4. Northern Narratives says:

    It is interesting that we find new foods to love later in life 🙂

  5. Touch2Touch says:

    Lobsters I have loved —
    I love your label! I have never met a lobster I didn’t love, and I have made it my business to meet as many lobsters as possible.
    Unforgettable line, I think from the Darryl Hannah movie Splash: It was a brave person who first ate a lobster. In the movie, Daryl Hannah, who is a mermaid, is taken out to dinner and served a lobster, which she picks up and takes a huge bite out of — shell and all.
    Another point of connection between us, Tree. When we finally meet, it shall definitely be over a lobster.

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