Up At a Country Micro-Cottage-Down In the City: Images From Country Living’s 2012 House of the Year

Hi F&F,

May and June is house tour season in Brooklyn, but recently I crossed the bridge and went to“the city” to tour three country houses micro-cottages in Lower Manhattan. Country Living Magazine has built 3 tiny cottages and transplanted them to the plaza of the World Financial Center – just steps away from, the soon to be completed, One World Trade Center and the 9/11 Memorial.

The cottages were constructed by Affinity Building Systems; using modular construction techniques. The interiors of each space were designed and styled through the group effort; of Country Living editors, guest designers and other experts — including Thomas Paul, Marcus Samuelsson and Ruard Veltman.

The project, called Room to Spare, demonstrates to homeowners a way to add space without the inconvenience of major construction. The small cottages act as an addendum to the main house. They are versatile and adaptable. The three cottages on display were made-up as an outdoor kitchen/dining room; guest room; and a studio/home office.


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8 Responses to Up At a Country Micro-Cottage-Down In the City: Images From Country Living’s 2012 House of the Year

  1. How outrageously incongruous!!! I love every last bit of it! Fave picture though is the view from the picnic table looking into the kitchen. This must have been an interesting tour, worthy of crossing the bridge!

    • Incongruousr is right, but becase they were working within small spaces there were a lot ideas for city living. It was worth crossing the bridge and the weather was fantastic.

  2. Northern Narratives says:

    Interesting post.

  3. Touch2Touch says:

    Great architectural photos. What an eye you have!

  4. truthbetold says:

    Ahhh..I see you love houses and decortating. A good website for you is : Hooked on Houses.
    When I was living in NYC, I researched Frank Lloyd Wright…He made simplistic craftsman or Arts and Crafts architecture famous…Check him out.

    • Thanks for visiting and thanks for the tip. I’m a big fan of Wright and mission/craftsman design. I’ve seen some of Wrights’ work in Chicago, Minneapolis and, of course the Guggenheim, here in New York. A while ago the Guggenheim had a wonderful exhibit of his drawings and models of his work.

      Another favorite is Gustave Stickely. His house is a museum in NJ. When I visited it I just wanted to move in! There is a Stickley, Audi & Co showroom in NYC. When I win Lotto, I’m buying the entire store. 🙂

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