Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

Hi F&F,

A cowboy sits next to a knight in shining armor; who sits close to a guilt ridden vampire.  A highland lass sits close to a hooker with a heart of gold who sits next to a bookish spinster. This is not a scene from a costume party.  These are a few of the characters who populate romance novels. These paperback novels sit close together on the bookshelves of my local library.

At first glance each book seems completely different in subject. One novel is set in contemporary London and another in the Civil War era south.  One story line follows a chaste courtship yet close by is a book with a cover so erotic it would make the Mayflower Madam blush. There are many sub-genres of romance novels – contemporary, historical, paranormal and even multicultural, but despite their seemingly different subject matter the plot points from the “meet cute” to the “happily ever after” are so very close; one could connect the dots from several  books to form a cohesive new story.

For this week’s photo challenge I bring you shelf upon shelf of popular romance novels. These books are pretty hot and racy and they are jam-packed so close together; spontaneous combustion is probable. I hope the library’s fire sprinkler system is working.




About atreegrowsinbklyn

I’m an analog girl living in a digital world. I’m happy except when I’m sad. I’m serious, smart and sophisticated except when I’m silly, obtuse and crude. I’m ambitious and disciplined; except when I’m apathetic and self indulgent. I‘m thoughtful, generous and honest; except when I’m insensitive, cheap and lying. I’m grateful; I’m grateful; I am grateful.
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17 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

  1. Tammy says:

    Super cute and clever! Love it!

  2. fgassette says:

    I love your creative take on the challenge. Thanks for listing my blog.


  3. Colline says:

    A place I love to visit – the local library!

    • I’m a library junkie. I love my local Brooklyn branch and I have library cards for the Manhattan and Queens systems; as well. I also like to visit libraries when I travel. It’s a great place to connect with the locals when you are traveling solo.

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  5. What a cute take on this theme! 😉

  6. Northern Narratives says:

    Your blog is hot 🙂

  7. eof737 says:

    You are funny! For a minute I thought it was your personal stash… 😆

  8. Bella says:

    There’s nothing like a photo of a shelf full of racy romance novels to start off my Friday! Thank you! 🙂

    • Oh yes! Lazy and relaxed summer weekends call for racy reading.

      I’ve read all of Jane Austen’s work, but otherwise I’m kind of new to the genre. I think most of the other books I’ve read would be considered chick-lit. My favorites have been by, Helen Fielding, Jennifer Weiner and Katie Fforde. I’m getting a summer reading list together –I’d welcome any suggestions?

  9. Touch2Touch says:

    What a clever, original post — and imaginative photo!
    Have you ever thought of trying your hand at a romance novel?
    On second thought, your wicked sense of humor would surely get in the way. One thing usually missing from romance novels is a highly developed soh!

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