A Memorial Day Post: NYC Fleet Week Canceled, but USS Franklin Not Forgotten

Hi F&F,

Today is Memorial Day. The day set aside to remember our nation’s war dead. The holiday affords us the beloved 3 day weekend and it is the unofficial start of summertime fun.  We make big plans for mini-vacatioFlagsns and BBQ meals. We pray for good weather.  I hope that we will also remember to pray for our war dead; our most precious casualty of war. I hope that we remember to pray for peace and rededicate ourselves to do the work necessary to build the “beloved community”. I hope that we each use this holiday as a learnable/teachable moment; an opportunity to acquire more information about our historic and present day war and peace process; and an opportunity to share our personal stories and connections to war.

For today’s post, I’m sharing a blog post from Turnstile Tours. The post is called NYC Fleet Week Canceled, but USS Franklin Not Forgotten | Turnstile ToursIt is written by Andrew Gustafson, Special Projects, Knowledge Management & Marketing, Tour Developer & Guide (he wears a lot of hats). The post tells the harrowing history of the USS Franklin, the most heavily damaged United States carrier to survive WW II. She lost 800 of her crew in an air attack. The wounded ship was sent to the Brooklyn Navy Yard for repair.

Turnstile Tours is a new company that highlights the ever-changing nature of New York City neighborhoods through conducting in-depth research, working with community partners, and seeking out new avenues to engage the public with the urban landscape.

Turnstile Tours is in partnership with BLDG 92* to bring the tale of the Brooklyn Navy Yard (BNY) to the public. The Turnstile Tours team conducts fun and fact filled tours of the 300 acre BNY.

I wish you a Memorial Day with many opportunities for relaxation and reflection. 



*my employer


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2 Responses to A Memorial Day Post: NYC Fleet Week Canceled, but USS Franklin Not Forgotten

  1. A good reminder of what today is really about. Thank you for pointing us toward this great story.

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