Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

Hi F&F,

The Red Hook Criterium, the once hyper local bike race, was brought to the Brooklyn Navy Yard on Saturday Night. The Red Hook Crit (RHC) started its life as an informal night-time bike race through the streets of the Red Hook section of Brooklyn. The first event/non-event was hosted in 2008 by David Trimble, a bike enthusiast, with familial ties to the highly regarded carbon framed Trimble Mountain Bikes. It was a birthday celebration and it attracted a handful of cyclists and spectators.

Those first RHC supporters may have been attracted to the contest in the same way folks are drawn to illegal street drag racing.  The event was an edgy “scene” for the passionate cyclist nerd community; within a neighborhood that was developing cracks in its hard outer shell. The event; a reflection of the changing face of the “hood”.

The event has grown over the years. Saturday’s event was expected to bring 5,000 – 8,000 people into the usually gated yard. I don’t have the official numbers yet on attendance for the evening event, but I think the pleasant weather and the growing interest in cycling, across a broader spectrum of people, may have fulfilled the projection. I’ll add an addendum to this post with figures from the debriefing that is sure to follow.

In addition to the main event bike race, a women’s and a men’s 5k foot race was held. Also, Citi Bike Share put on a just for fun race; lending their signature blue bikes to anyone who wished to take a spin around the course.

Here are the winners:

Red Hook Crit Brooklyn Navy Yard No. 1

1. Neil Bezdek

2. Kyle Murphy

3. Marc Marino

4. Alexander Barouh

5. Cooper Ray

Men’s 5k

1. Ayele Feisa

2. Tesfaye Assefa Dube

3. Gian-Paul Caccia

4. Abdelhadi El Mouaziz

5. Abdelkebir Lamachi

Women’s 5k

1. Askale Merachi

2. Rolanda Bell

3. Atalelech Asfew

4. Tsehay Gebre

5. Melissa Salerno

For this week’s Photo Challenge: Fleeting, I’m sharing a few photos from the event. The pictures were captured with my cellphone and a simple point and shoot camera that I often have in my bag.

An on-line dictionary defined, the adjective, fleeting as –  passing swiftly; vanishing quickly; transient; transitory: fleeting beauty; a fleeting glance.

That definition pretty much sums up the RHC held in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The cyclists and the runners were swift. Also, so as not to interrupt the business in the yard, all the equipment for the event was swiftly erected and then dismantled. The Brooklyn Navy Yard was back to business Sunday morning.

Here are a few blurred snapshots. All were taken with my cellphone and a point and shoot camera. They will serve as my entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting.





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11 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

  1. Forest So Green says:

    Yes, a cycling race is just a blur.

  2. Barbara says:

    I love the first photo, invisible cyclists 🙂

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  6. Touch2Touch says:

    You’ve turned the blurry images into extraordinary scenes of beauty.
    Alchemy at its best!

    • Thanks so much. The event was amazing. The race course was difficult. One hundred started the race and only 5 finished. I’m lucky I got a few shots because I spent a good deal of the time covering my eyes.

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