Portrait of my Purse: A Diffrent Kind of Selfie

Hi F&F,

Earlier today I posted my entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside. In the post, I told that I initially planned to post a photo of the inside of my purse. This was because I was short on ideas and the deadline was approaching. Fortunately, another photo-op presented itself and I scraped posting the photo.  As a humorous afterthought,  I declared I would share the original purse picture if  anyone was interested. Well, Karen at small house/BIG GARDEN was interested – so here it is.  I think of it as a twist on the  “selfie”.  It is reveling.

All my purses look fairly ordinary from the outside.  On the inside, well, that’s a different story.  In this photo you can see a wild print lining.  I always go for a loud lining. It is often what closes the deal on whether I purchase the purse or pass it by.  This spotted print just makes me happy each and every time I dig into my handbag.  Granted, it’s a small thing, but I think these small joys make for a good day and I think a nice life is made up of lots and lots of small joys strung together.

Also, take note of the sparkly plastic turquoise cosmetic case (from my favorite everything 99 cents store) next to the equally sparkly purple Whiting & Davis wallet (from my favorite everything way, way, way over 99 cents store). They are useful, super cute, and I love them equally. These two items, living side by side in my purse may reveal a little something about me, as well. I have a taste for the posh and the paltry. It applies to small accessories and it applies to people places and things.

I bet you never guessed that a purse portrait could say so much.


“A woman’s mind is as complex as the contents of her handbag; even when you get to the bottom of it, there is ALWAYS something at the bottom to surprise you!” – Billy Connelly




About atreegrowsinbklyn

I’m an analog girl living in a digital world. I’m happy except when I’m sad. I’m serious, smart and sophisticated except when I’m silly, obtuse and crude. I’m ambitious and disciplined; except when I’m apathetic and self indulgent. I‘m thoughtful, generous and honest; except when I’m insensitive, cheap and lying. I’m grateful; I’m grateful; I am grateful.
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6 Responses to Portrait of my Purse: A Diffrent Kind of Selfie

  1. ljr3 says:

    I love that quote. I think it is very true.

  2. LOL I, too, am a fan of a good animal print purse; love that leopard spot lining! Overall your purse is quite orderly! I’m impressed! 🙂

    • I adore prints and bright colors for the inside of handbags because it’s fun and I think it helps me see the contents better. This shot is of one of my smaller bags. The compact size forces me to pack lightly and orderly. My big hobo bags and tote bags are much less organized.

  3. Imelda says:

    I like your purse because it is clean and organized. Mine…I don’t even want to look at the inside of it. 🙂

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