A Girls’ Got to Eat: I’m Making it Mexican Candy for Halloween

Hi F&F,

Halloween seemed like the perfect time to share my recently developed passion for Mexican candy.  The spooky festival known as Halloween in the United States of America and known as La Noche de las Brujas in Mexico share the custom of kids donning costumes and begging for sweets.

Since Halloween has been taken over by adults (click here to read my rant regarding that fact), I’ve noticed fewer kids taking part in the sanctioned custom of candy begging, known as trick-or-treat.  I live in a large apartment building and in the past, Halloween meant a long evening of doling out candy to demanding little devils, little witches and the occasional little princess.  Now, I rarely get a good rally of tykes taping at my door; the streets of my neighborhood and the hallways of my building eerily empty.

Over the years I’ve abbreviated my stash of candy, yet inevitably, I have a great deal of the super sweet kid friendly; and adult unfriendly candy left over.  This year I made deeper cuts to my candy reserves and added Mexican candies to the mix.  The kids that visit me always get to pick what they want, so there will be enough of a selection of  the, usual suspect, candies like  Reese’s and M & M’s, but  I’ll have some of the vibrant in appearance and  vibrantly  flavored Mexican candies too.  I have candy for the traditionalists and candy for the adventuresome.

Aviary Photo_130276807241374963

The Mexican candies come in flavors of mango, watermelon, corn and cucumber.  They offer a palate pleasing mix of salty, spicy, sweetness. They are real eye candy; coming in bright colors and unusual shapes.  Tarrito is a pineapple flavored lollipop in the shape of a mug of beer; complete with a frothy white beer head. One of my favorites is Lucas Muecas Pepino.  It is a mildly sweet cucumber flavored pop that you dip into sweet and sour powder.  I also like the mango and chili flavored candies. It’s juicy sweetness with a little heat.  It’s sort of a “confectionary” version of the sliced mango in chamoy sauce sold by street vendors.

Aviary Photo_130276808343311152

I’m prepared for the  “trick-or-treaters” whether it be a trickle or a torrent.  If it is a trickle; it is ok.  The surplus won’t go to waste; just my waist; creating an entirely different kind of surplus. That’s a scary thought.



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3 Responses to A Girls’ Got to Eat: I’m Making it Mexican Candy for Halloween

  1. That’s quite a selection of sweets you’ve got there! I hope you get at least a few kids! 🙂

  2. Hope that there were more kids than anticipated. Love the variety of your candies.

  3. Hey SHBG and Vanecktharien,

    I got a few visits this year. I think because the holiday was washed out last year due to Super Storm Sandy, parents and kids wanted to make this year super special.

    I hope all was “spooketacular” in your area.


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